Accredited Investor Registration

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Information for Accredited Investors


Accredited investors can purchase equity in businesses that offer ownership through the American Gnuity online platform. 

Below are a few frequently asked questions from accredited investors. Contact us at if you have additional concerns or questions. To register as an investor, click on the following button.

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How do I know if I qualify as an accredited investor?

Although the definition of an accredited investor changes from time to time, here are some guidelines:

♦ They must earn at least $200,000 US per year and expect to continue to earn at least that much in the foreseeable future. Married investors can qualify if their joint income is at least $300,000 US annually.


♦ They must own at least $1,000,000 US in assets not including their personal residence.

If either or both of the above requirements are true for you, there is a good chance that you are an accredited investor. Contact your financial advisor for more information. If you would like American Gnuity to put you in contact with a financial advisor, email us at

Are there any guarantees for my investments from American Gnuity?

The expectation is for accredited investors to only risk investing those funds that they are willing and able to lose completely. There are no guarantees from American Gnuity or from the companies offering investment opportunities that the accredited investors will be returned their initial capital and/or that they will receive interest and compensation for investments made.

Investors should review investment opportunities carefully to determine whether or not the project and its owner have the ability to be successful. Regardless of their income or assets, accredited investors should not invest in projects unless they are willing and able to lose the entire investment.

Can I invest in more than one project at a time?

Accredited investors are counseled to review the risks and rewards for each investment opportunity individually. Investors can choose, at their own discretion and at the advice of their own financial advisors, to invest in more than one project offered on the American Gnuity reality television show. Investors can keep track of investments made through American Gnuity on their page that contains their investment information linked to their profile.

Is there any benefit from Gnuity for investing in any particular project?

Investors would expect to receive stock in the entities with which they invest, and are compensated exclusively by the owners of the projects and not from American Gnuity. We only provide the platform for investors to research and invest in projects. We recommend that additional research be conducted by each investor, and that the investment decision not be based solely on information located on

Can an entity sign up as an Accredited Investor?

If the entity qualifies, the owner(s) of the entity can register as an Accredited Investor on the American Gnuity online investment platform. Entities face the same risk of losing the entire investment as an individual.

Can I invest in the American Gnuity Reality TV Show?

There is a PPM available for accredited investors interested in investing in the show itself. Information can be found here: