American Gnuity Non-Equity Contributors

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Project contributors provide the financial support that entrepreneurs and business owners need to fund their projects through donations, contributions with token "Thank You" gifts, and by pre-purchasing product offered by project owners. To register as an American Gnuity Contributor, click on the following link:

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FAQs for Contributors

How do I know if I qualify as a contributor?

Although individuals or organizations that contribute to or pre-purchase projects offered on American Gnuity’s online platform are not required to meet the qualifications that an accredited investor must meet, here are some guidelines:

♦ Contributors must complete a profile page before donating to or pre-purchasing a product. Information provided must be complete and correct.

♦ The amount of money donated to or spent by pre-purchasing projects should come from funds set aside for such a purpose and discussed with the contributor’s financial advisor for larger amounts.

♦ Contributors are not required to be friends or family members of the project owner to donate to or pre-purchase a product.

Are there any guarantees for contributions from American Gnuity?

The expectation is for contributors to only spend those funds that they are willing and able to donate. Although every effort will be made to ensure that pre-purchased products are delivered as expected, there are no guarantees from American Gnuity or from the companies offering these products that the products will be completed and shipped in the time-frame committed, or shipped at all.

Contributors should carefully to determine whether or not the project and its owner have the ability to be successful. Regardless of their total income or assets, contributors who are pre-purchasing products should not do so unless they are willing and able to lose the amount of money contributed.

Can I contribute to more than one project at a time?

Contributors can choose, at their own discretion or at the advice of their own financial advisors, to donate to or pre-purchase more than one product offered on the American Gnuity reality television show’s online platform.

Is there any benefit from Gnuity for contributing to a particular project?

Besides experiencing the “warm-fuzzy” feeling of helping someone in need, contributors may receive acknowledgements from the project owners and from Gnuity as well either online or through its social channels.

If the contributor is pre-purchasing a product, he or she also receives the benefit of obtaining that product often before it reaches the general public and many times it is pre-sold for a reduced price.

From time-to-time, contributors who donate funds to help project owners do their part to jumpstart the American economy will be entered into a drawing to win rewards ranging from social recognition to prizes worth thousands of dollars.

Can an entity sign up as a contributor?

If the entity qualifies, the owner(s) of a legal entity can register as a contributor on the American Gnuity online platform. Entities face the same risks and benefits as do individuals.