About the Show

American Gnuity: 
A reality TV show for entrepreneurs
& the millions of people who support them!

Our goal is to provide the national exposure, start-up or growth capital and mentoring that small businesses need to succeed.

American Gnuity utilizes three proven online and television platforms combined together for the first time ever: 

1. Successful Investment Reality Shows

Several television shows offering the public to view others investing in projects we would like to own have been successful. Shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, and From Gags to Riches demonstrate America's fascination with quality investment opportunities.

American Gnuity Twist ~ Unlike other investment-oriented reality shows, we allow our in-studio, online and television audience the ability to financially support the projects we showcase by letting them "vote with their wallets" by donating, pre-purchasing product or buying a portion of the project's company. The viewers, not the TV personalities, will be the investors.


2. Successful Online Crowdfunding Platforms

Online funding platforms like Kickstarter, RocketHub, Indiegogo and hundreds of other websites have let millions of people spend billions of dollars helping start-up companies by either donating to their cause or by pre-purchasing their yet-to-be-manufactured products. 

American Gnuity Twist ~ Unlike other crowdfunding portals that only allow non-accredited investors the chance to donate or pre-purchase product, American Gnuity also allows accredited investors to own a part of the companies we showcase online and on TV.

3. Successful Regional Audition & Networking Events

Reality TV shows like American Idol and So You Think You Can Dance show how communities come together in droves when given the opportunity to share their talents with the world. Additionally, area business expos have been a consistent means for networking for generations and continue to provide excitement for first time attendees and long-time sponsors. 

American Gnuity Twist ~ We combine the energy of the regional reality TV show tryouts with netowrking opportunities for business owners hoping for a chance to market their product to a welcoming national audience.

American Gnuity combines value-added twists to three proven models: An investment reality TV show; a crowdfunding aspect; and energizing regional events.